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D.F.E.T.SPNet151 - D.F.E.T. - Doublevel (December 22, 2013)

D.F.E.T. - Doublevel SPNet151

The ever-transformative I.V. Martinez wields his manipulative tools on the works of Dave Fuglewicz in his surprise collab, a Christmas present the author of the original sources in return for the gracious gift of some CDs by Dave.

Anyone familiar with the works of these two artists will be surprised and delighted by the results. Dave typically wades in ambient waters whilst I.V. tends to plunge headlong into more experimental depths. In this case, we get a glorious blend of the two, a brackish psychedelia, a sleep deprivated industrialism, a disturbed quiescence.

Each track features droning synth as its major backdrop yet many other sounds betray its otherwise relaxed sensibilities. Songs like "M-Invention" are great examples of this, with warm, wooshing pads complimented with this subtle feedback whine and what sounds like a the rusted workings of a distant delapidated factory disturbed by the wind. Or "Edison," which starts out calm and simply gets slowly devoured by noise. Then there's the glitchy trippiness of "Spacentric," surely something to get lost in, until the fear of never being found sets in.

The whole of the work is just unsettled, oscillating and blending two apparent extremes. Yet somehow, magically, it works, being greater than the sum of its parts.

Regardless, this release is worth it for the fantastic drone industrial bonus track "FuMaGe InBoT!"

Info from artist:
My good friend and great sound artist Dave Fuglewicz sent me a couple of his CDs because he wanted me to have them.
So I decided to choose one song from each CD as a source of samples.
I also re-used a few sound files that I recorded for the project N(SAtan) as a second source of samples.
I processed,edited and mixed samples with my own sounds and noises into final form (six tracks and one bonus).

This album is dedicated to Dave.
All tracks by I.v.Martinez (
Artwork by Jack Seiei (

Samples from:
1.Tetrahedral Fusion (Industrial Strenght 1 by Dave Fuglewicz)
2.Mutant Intervention (Industrial Strenght 2 by Dave Fuglewicz)
3.Halo Of Flies (Sonic Debris by Ambient Meat)
4.Storms Of Neptune (Neptune by Dave Fuglewicz)
5.DislocatedChronicles (Synergistic Deconstruction by Dave Fuglewicz&HalMcGee)
6.The Forbidden Road (Furious Cactus by Brian Noring&Dave Fuglewicz)
7.One (One by Dave Fuglewicz featuring the loops by Hal McGee)

Dave Fuglewicz -

SP is Flat Affect/Bastard Child
SPEu is Johan Nederpel
SProc is Graffiti Mechanism/c4
SPTrash is RedSK
SPOptic is Pollux/Pogohm
SPTOtfSP is the Koala otherwise known as Kai Nobuko
SPNet is mhzesent/Johan Nederpel/Koala/Flat Affect
SPDistro is Joel Nobody

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