Sunday, September 28, 2014

Various ‎– Shit Noise 92

Shit Noise Records – SNR 920
Shit Noise – 92
CDr, Compilation 
28 Sep 2014
Electronic, Rock
Collection Wantlist 1 from ¥278
1 –Animal Fat Chop Your Own Fuckin Head Off And Send It To Your Government - Get Your Wife To Suck Your Big Cummy Dick 000 3:56
2 –Time Burgalar 在街道,必須做出一些現金 3:31
3 –Taylor Swift Lesbian Demon Unknown Disturbance 2:00
4 –Dr. NoiseM Death Zone 2:25
5 –Cedric's Lettuce Dirt Eye 2:50
6 –OS125 Bum Rush In Your Capitalist Ass 1:06
7 –Catharsiss Stripping Away The Layers Of Truth 4:26
8 –Bleach Black Misfit Situation 2:56
9 –Koobaatoo Asparagus Sector 1235-d3 3:19
10 –Der Domestizierte Mensch 00100100 3:59
11 –SRVTR Gbox33ss (Saturatoredit) 3:26
12 –CAND Sagatana Ritual VI 2:54
13 –Deterioro Nervioso Irreversible Basement Chaos 3:27
14 –Collude Noise Cult Algol 3:40
15 –Seiei Jack Stif4025 2:15
16 –Lackthrow The Head 2 4:15
17 –Mince Splatters Short Drill 1:58
18 –Them Guys Walls Of Hatred 1:25
19 –MBUF* Brute Pute Part 1 4:00
20 –GxUxRxO-PxIxG Impalement By Katana 1:02
21 –HELL-O YELL-O Interim 4:13
22 –Model For Assembl Grave08 2:35
23 –Eternal Recurrence They Hiss At My Expense 2:23
24 –Joseph Strength Audio Deadly Voyage 3:16
25 –To-Bo Untitled Shit 92 1:22
26 –J. A. P. Opus Dei (From Holiness To Shit) 4:03
27 –Joel Nobody Polyester Astro-Critters II 2:35

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Die or D.I.Y.? Seiei Jack & Magthea ‎– The Joke Project 1984

Something that cassette culture introduced to the world was the concept of music being made by completestrangers from all over the planet, who would never meet; except on cassette tape.
In 1984, Japanese artist, Seiei Jack Nakahara, started "The Joke Project/Re-Apocalypse Project", which invited any artist/musician, who so desired, to participate in a home taping/mail art collaboration program.This project was to join all kinds of experimental musics:Noize,Industrial,Breakcore,Ambient,Lo-fi, to create something, hopefully ,unique. Every person who wished to participate has only to add samples & loops to their own musical/audio treatment to create their own vision of the Apocalypse in a track. This was, of course done by 'snail mail' in 1984, whereas this is now commonly done via the information super highway that is 'the internet', leading to the artform that, enlightenedly  became known as 'mail art'.
Such home taping luminaries as Zan Hoffman, and Magthea, do their bit, amongst an array of unknown lesser lights to create a near chaotic sound collage that sounds like a very attractive version of the Apocalypse. Although Zan Hoffman, repeating the phrase "This is Mr Zan" over and over again, does seem to have a pretty tenuous apocalyptic message; but then again the concept of the Apocalypse itself is pretty tenuous, so what do I know?
Come friendly Apocalypse and entertain us as thoroughly as this thirty year old cassette!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

KCPR 91.3FM San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly Independent Radio

MON SEP 15TH 2014 10.00PM–11.00PM

R=listener request. N=music new at the station.L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it!links help support the station.

Time zone: pacific

Bene Gesserit “American Orphan Girl”
from AmericanOrphan SINGLE

Instant Music “Do Not” SINGLE

Ende Shneafliet “Midnight Train” SINGLE


Robert Turman “Freedom from Fear”SINGLE

Monotron “Kurzwellenfunk” SINGLE

Wonders Of Science “Let's Start A Rumour” SINGLE

Experimental Products “Feeling Left Out” SINGLE

Déficit Des Années Antérieures “From The Deep HP” SINGLE

Sociedades en Tetra Brik “Parasito Virtual” SINGLE

Len Liggins “All The Dead Men” SINGLE

Antenna “Achilles” SINGLE

Via Ofenziva “Proleter” SINGLE

Plus Instruments “Big Man” SINGLE

Magthea & Seiei Jack “The Apocalypse”SINGLE

Saturday, September 13, 2014

International Fax Art Project 1995

VLV Gallery, 1995 - 12 page
YU ISBN 86 82641
01 1
The idea to initate the
FAX HeART project
had been conceived
by Mrs Violeta Labat,
an artist and owner
of Gallery VLV and Andrej Tisma, during the 
total blockade of Yugoslavia by the whole
world community. when even cultural
relations with them, ie. exchange of art
works. exhibitions and publications, were
banned. Their desire had been to break
through the blockade by telefax...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Long March VA 1985 Sound of Pig

A1. Croiners – From “A Sample Of Croiners”
A2. Dennis Carleton – From “Color With Crayons” 1
A3. Dennis Carleton – From “Color With Crayons” 2
A4. Big City Orchestra – From “Number 5″
A5. Algebra Suicide – Connoisseurs Of Lightning
A6. Algebra Suicide – Father's By The Door
A7. Maniacs – Vietnam
A8. Pascal Massun – Flight To Barnard Star (Excerpt)
B1. Human Flesh – Can I Kiss You (27th Human Attempt)
B2. Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl – The High And The Mighty
B3. Famlende Forsøk – Belzebub/Amerika
B4. Industrial Sponge – Boom Dark
B5. Industrial Sponge – Monsters In My Head
B6. Theatre Of Ice – Oblivion
B7. Theatre Of Ice – It's All Over Now
B8. Absolute Body Control – So Obvious – Sister Ray (Live)
B9. Seiei Jack – Excerpt
B10. The Haints – Haint House (Excerpt)

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Various ‎– Shit Noise 91 SNR910

Shit Noise Records – SNR 910


Shit Noise – 91


CDr, Compilation 




09 Sep 2014


Electronic, Rock




1 –To-Bo Untitled Shit 91 1:00

2 –Koobaatoo Asparagus Family Ties 3:58

3 –Άshtᴿay Front Porch Lemonade 1:12

4 –CAND Sagatana Ritual V 3:30

5 –Dr. NoiseM Assd090907df23dfdhjaßßa 0:54

6 –0Hamwich0 Storm Of Aids 4:01

7 –Taylor Swift Lesbian Demon Valtrex Love Rock 1:32

8 –Dali's Aardvark Intensive Pretense 4:14

9 –Joseph Strength Audio Sleepless Fishes (In-Slow-Mental) 2:05

10 –Jean-Luc Grodard Holidays In Syria 3:59

11 –OS125 Gemini Freaket 4:29

12 –Contraktor Untitled 1:09

13 –Bleach Black Fetus Abomination 3:55

14 –Phantasm Nocturnes Pumpkinhead 3:55

15 –Shirin Khlif + Obasquiat See Out Ceramic Noise (Second Version) 6:50

16 –Kaelteeinbruch Upskirt Lady 3:38

17 –Model For Assembl Ngc 2770 3:55

18 –Mc Berro D'Água Budismo Moderno (AloneMix) 1:23

19 –Seiei Jack Shuji Terayama 2:49

20 –Answer To All Your Questions, The Ironicide 2:32

21 –Joel Nobody Too Tall's Cat Extermination 1:33

22 –Cum (6) Sw 03 2:39

23 –Them Guys Hatred For Everyone 1:28

24 –Automatic Grindcoke Your Pornogrind Group Sucks (I Can Hear The Same Lyrics On An Eminem CD) 1:11

25 –J.A.P. Legal Murder 3:35

26 –Brown Coat Mafia, The Noel Thomaz Never Had Sex With Justin Barger 4:02


Tenjo Sajiki, also Tenjou Sajiki (天井桟敷 Tenjō Sajiki?), was a Japanese independent theater troupe led by Shūji Terayama and active between 1967 and 1983 (until Terayama's death). A major phenomenon on the Japaneseunderground scene, the group has produced a number of stage works marked by experimentalism, folkloreinfluences, social provocation,grotesque eroticism and the flamboyant fantasy characteristic of Terayama's oeuvre. Tenjō Sajiki benefitted greatly from collaborations with a number of prominent artists, including musicians J. A. Seazer and Kan Mikami, and graphic designers Aquirax Uno and Tadanori Yokoo.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

One Day (promo)

Seiei Jack & Kirill Makushin 
"One Day"

1.Iron Door
2. Room
3. Sleeping
4. Waking


released 01 September 2014 

Music - Seiei Jack (1-4) / Kirill Makushin (1-4) 
Accordion - Kirill Makushin (1-4) 
Sounds - Seiei Jack (1-4) 
Effects - Seiei Jack (1-4) / Kirill Makushin (1-4) 
Mixed - Seiei Jack (1-4) 
Mastered - Seiei Jack (1-4) 
Artwork - Seiei Jack
all rights reserved

Kirill Makushin is a musician from Moscow (Russia), born 16 July 1990. He makes music with a accordion,harmonica,synthesizer. 
Sometimes he uses the letter "M" "Кирилл М" (russian speak)
instead of his surname.
founded the musical solo
 project "Crows In The Garden" in 2013. 
Is also a member of the collaborative music project "When We Live" (At the moment the project has ceased activities).