Tuesday, December 24, 2013


MAV Records – [0kbps050]
44 × File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps 

Laika Facsimile La Bella Musica Di Gigio1:412Smegmascreen Ballads Of Anal Plugging Noise0:553Instagon Spider4:384hiyohiyoipseniyo Fonoll2:245Art Electronix DistTV3:176Stefano Balice The Gnegne Song (Crashed)5:337Max Scordamaglia No-Is - 028:328I Killed Techno! Dont Cry When I Die3:339harmonie_mit_nichts The Page4:0810CAND Holive2:4511Noise Service Feat. Strangelet andReklawysdnil Feedback No. !0:2112TrashBLit Blind_Spot2:4013Deterioro Nervioso Irreversible Alley Fuck15:4814Undermindlimb & Khaotic Molly Zero-One10:3215Pioggia D'Ambra Annientamento Del Sé Nella Cupa Camera Ardente10:3816METEK (3) and NOS project Only Here For A While Re
Guitar – Michael Parque
6:4517Der Domestizierte Mensch Madonna Pregnant4:3418BeengHy I Cervelli Non Hanno Correttori6:0219Tommaso Busatto Vaportronica2
Remix – Toxic Chicken
2:4720Seiei Jack Sweet Caroline Rmx2:0021Camiroaga Conspiracy Frivola0:2322Sounddog65 Partial Pasolini11:1223mutanT.R.I. Low Flow8:0424Eugenio Furrno Traumachine2:2325Art Electronix Sloppy4:5526Exclamation Point Evil Telephone0:4827To-Bo Gewitter0:3228Anal Sausages Anal Sex Terror1:0729Contraktor Such Good Weed6:17307tn4CC + Vitaldo Conte + Helena Velena Pulsional Rumore (Gliss)2:5831A. P. Vague #84 (Chanukah)7:1632harmonie_mit_nichts I_Have_To_Be_With_You4:0033Max Scordamaglia Raw Material III - 01 - SW 17:5034Tommaso Busatto Vaportronica 3333:3435Noise Service Feat. Strangelet andReklawysdnil Traff-c0:4036Changoz! Enjoy The Noise1:0337Undermindlimb & Khaotic Molly Doctor's Tape N.14:4638Esquizomachina La Puerta Del Infierno14:3339Instagon Thee Shining11:1440Seicho Suru Kigi & Chris Silver TFree Improvitation3:2441Dr. NoiseM El Diabolo7:0342Headcleaner (8) C.C.P4:4643Contraktor Dark Ambient Jam17:0944Beira Il Fantastico Mondo Di Aldo Moro2:56

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