Monday, May 25, 2009

[RAAO]:2009,2nd compilalion all submitions welcome...

raaoreapocalypse project,RAAO,SEIEIJACK
_2009: New chapter [RAAO] Apocalypse Children. If you are musician and you may be interrested to join the 2nd [RAAO] compilation,please send us a track (Mp3 format 192 Kbps) or link to it with your contacts (website,myspace adress...) at or

All kinds of musics are welcome.You are free to send more than one track and to use or not the [RAAO] samples & loops pack available here:

-Submitions will be accept until the: September 09 2009

DEAD LINE : 9.9.9 !!!!

Thank you in advance for your interrest & participation.

_[R.A.A.O] "Re-Apocalypse Automatic Orchestra" is an experimental trial using internet functions.This project was started in 1984,by Japanese Artist "SEIEI JACK"(The Joke Project/Re-Apocalypse Project).It consists to join differents artists/musicians in a [R.A.A.O] collaboration program (free Mp3's internet compilation available on Corebackrecords).This project join all kinds of experimental musics:Noize,Industrial,Breakcore,Ambient,Low-fi ... Every persons who whish to participate has only to add [RAAO] samples loops to their own musical/audio treatment to create their own vision of Apocalypse in a track.

_The fisrt [RAAO] compilation(35 tracks)was released and published for free by french net-label COREBACKRECORDS in 2008 and is available for free here:

With tracks from:

"SEIEI JACK" (Japan)"THE JOKE PROJECT" (Japan) "UIOR" Russian Fed "STØJ" (Denmark/Bosnia)"A.XL" (Australia) PYRAMID HEAD" (France) GOTTSCHALK vs JOVIATOR" (France)"KENJI SIRATORI"(Japan) "MAN:SHA"(France)

"SEX IS DRUG" (Japan)"AKIRA SATO(Mummy Lee)"(Japan) "BURGLECUT" (France)"TERRY CHILDERS" (USA) "BE STILL CAT" (UK) "LODEMIDIQUAIL" (USA)"TSIDMZ" (Italia) "ANIMAL MACHINE" (Poland)"ELECTRO MAGNETIC BOMB" (France)"THEE MOTHS" (UK) "NECROANAL" (USA)"RONNY WAERNES" (Norway)"CYGORE" hologoreminator (USA)"NIKKI HILLS" (USA)"HAL McGEE" (USA)"FORMAT NOISE" (Germany)"AATMAA" (Poland)"HERE BE MONSTERS" (International): Bai + Ain [cn] Tiziano Milani [it] Minuit [mx] Murmurists [uk]NXP [no] One Man Nation [sg] Seiei Jack [jp] Wilson Tsang [hk] Ronny Warnes [no] Zen Lu [cn]


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