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music studio collaboration project [existence_sounds] founder by Kirill Makushin in summer 2013.

In 2013 Kirill Makushin decides to make a collaboration project [existence_sounds] and 
was invited musician from Ireland Stephen Mc Cann.
In 2014 was invited musician from Japan Seiei Jack.
In [existence_sounds] episodically takes part  german musician Konchog Gyaltsen aka KG.

2013 - [existence_sounds] (Under name Stephen Mc Cann & Kirill Makushin) 

The first record's of the [existence_sounds] went under the name "When We Live"
on split album "Uruk-Hai / When We Live" in july.
In August, together with the german musician and participant "Nam-Khar" (Ritual/Dark Ambient / Drone) Konchog Gyaltsen aka KG recorded single under name "Ice Remake"
In September on US Drone / Ambient netlabel "Buddhist On Fire" release first mini-album "Extended Play".
In Mini-Album "Extended Play" include 3 tracks with split "Uruk-Hai / When We Live" and track with single "Ice Remake".

2014 - [existence_sounds] - (Under name Seiei Jack & Kirill Makushin)

Summer 2014 recorded second mini-album "One Day" in genre Noise/Ambient/Experimental

2016 - [existence_sounds]

In April on Russian Ambient netlabel 45 Echoes Sounds realese EP [one_EP] includes 3 tracks from the full-length album "The Biography Of Industrial City".
In October on Portuguese Field recording netlabel "Green Field Recordings" out now realese debut full-length album "The Biography Of Industrial City".
"The Biography Of Industrial City"  include mixing acoustic instruments with noise city (Field recording).


Kirill Makushin (2013 - present)
Stephen Mc Cann (2013 - present)
Seiei Jack (2014 - present)



Extended Play (2013)*
One Day (2014)**
The Biography Of Industrial City (2016)*

EP's / Singles

Ice Remake (2013)*
[one_ep] (2016)*

* - [existence_sounds] of Stephen Mc Cann and Kirill Makushin
** - [existence_sounds] of Seiei Jack and Kirill Makushin
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