Saturday, January 21, 2017

III International Triennial of visual and experimental poetry, Valjevo, Serbia 2017.

We invite all the artists who deal with visual and experimental poetry to participate in III international Triennial. The technique and topics are free. You can send as many pieces of art as you want. There is no entrance fee.

The deadline is 25 April, 2017.

The selected works will be ehxibited and printed in a catalogue.

You can send your works to the following address:

Dejan Bogojevic

Naselje 27. Novembar 10/1

14000 Valjevo



Rok za slanje radova je 25. april 2017. godine. 

Posle toga biće organizovana izložba i biće štampan katalog.

Radove slati na adresu:

Dejan Bogojević

Naselje 27. Novembra 10/1

14000 Valjevo (Srbija)

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