Saturday, October 25, 2014

VA Garbageween

Garbage Men Puking
Abstract, Experimental, Industrial, Noise, Field Recording

–Psychopathia Sexualis (2) David 4:21
–Dearth & Vixin Pixie The Final Chapter Of Infinite Length 4:08
–Infinity Of 6 Thunder Blade... Laurie Is As Follows 2:33
–KissMeYou'reBeautifulTheseAreTrulyTheLastDays Song of Beuern 4:54
–Industrial Steve Blank Ghost 4:59
–Malek Metlas Requiem For A Hoe 1:01
–Si.rak-sa Noisedesekrator Destuctozoneamok​ 2:40
–Answer To All Your Questions, The Strangler 2:47
–Seiei Jack And Ayato Evildead_Rmix 3:20
–Justified Hypochondriac Nostalgia Birds 3:46
–To-Bo Kürbisfresse 2:01
–Graze (4) A Year In Suffering 3:33
–Soulmate From Space You Give Me The Creeps! 3:50
–Hollowtown I Have A Special Plan For This World 5:21
–Garbage Pail Kids, The (2) Untitled Demo 1:23
–Poivre Guatémaltèque Stop The Tape 0:37
–SRVTR Gbox39e 4:20
–Koobaatoo Asparagus Zoloft Experience 4:49
–Josef Nadek Where Their Worm Dieth Not, And The Fire Is Not Quenched 4:47
–MUTILATED TOYPOODLE Smiling Emoticon / Poodle Song 2:52
–Scott Bazar Bract L.S.D. Zone 4:45
–IAIN (11) Trifon 3:09
–Power Of Hot Iron Rods, The Silence Hill 0:37
–O'Brien Project, The Spact! (Con Artist Reupholstering) 9:45

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