Monday, September 28, 2009


Tracklisting: ( Part 01 )
01:PUT - Low Direction Rune (remix) (France)
02:dreDDup - With No Teeth (Serbia)
03:BURGLECUT- Apocaliptyc Visions (France)
04:AKIRA SATO - RAAO remix 2009 (Japan)
05:DARWIL BREAKMASHER - Birth (Russian Fed)
06:TRANS ATLANTIC RAGE - Testing The Waters (USA)
07:SEX IS DRUG - Raao 2009 (Japan)
08:TERRY CHILDERS - RAAO The Atmosphere Is Electro (USA)
09:SARCOPHAGUS - Violence of Hatred (Russian fed)
10:EKLIPSE - December's End (Romania)
11:SEIEI JACK - ID card manifesto (Japan)
12:PORION - Tuez Les Tous (France)
13:MAN:SHA - Ignis (France)
14:ANIMAL MACHINE - Nuclear Rat Mix (Poland)
15:DENTAL WORK - Beirut To Berlin (USA)
16:LOS RETARDOS - There is A Happy Meal In My Pants (USA)
17:LODEMIDIQUAIL - The Harvest (USA)

Running time: 71mn23

Tracklisting: ( Part 02 )
01:TSIDMZ - Dark and Cold (Italia)
02:EKLIPSE - Poisoned (Romania)
03:BIOASSAY- Engelskrieg (apocalypse children mix) (USA)
04:MALFAKTOR - Sub Human Machine (rmx-by CAT) (USA)
05:ORIGAMI HAIRY - Baby (Mutant Baby RMX) (Poland/Japan)
06:ANIMAL MACHINE VS AATMAA - Future War Mix (Poland)
07:FILTHY TURD - Tenby Bay (Uk)
08:SEIEI JACK - Astroman (Japan)
09:NECROANAL - Light on the alpha , heavy on the omega (USA)
10:MAXX-IMPACT - Apocalypse (Part01) (Belgium)
11:Thee Virginal Brides - 32° 35' 0' N, 35° 11'0' (Canada/Israël/USA)
12:SUFFOCATING IN A MANTLE OF LEAVES - Wounds Of A Bleeding World In Ruin, Wrapped In A Barbed Wire Net (Italia)
Running time: 69mn04
Tracklisting: ( Part 03 )
01:CIRCUIT DAMAGE - Cello Damage (USA)
02:SYCOPHANT PROJECT - Resurrection (USA)
03:KOL SONZLGN - Pjevaj Inframince (Japan)
04:TRANS ATLANTIC RAGE - Side Down Side Incline (USA)
05:OVERDOSE KUNST - Planck long death (Japan)
06:ZOLRAKETHER - Kalm (Venezuela)
07:MALFAKTOR - One By One (USA)
08:BIOASSAY - Where (USA)

Running time: 45mn16
Tracklisting: ( Part 04 )
01:SEIEI JACK - Apocalyspe3 (Original) (Japan)
02:DENTAL WORK - Calcium Vacuum (USA)
03:MAKAKAROOMA CRUDONGALONG - Shitpots Drooling De De Bleus (Uk)
04:STRUKTUR - 9.9.9 (France)
05:RONNYWAERNES - Vev Mot Undergang (Denmark)
06:REMORA - Reconstruct/Redestroy (USA)
07:SEIEI JACK - Zombiraaomix5 (Japan)
08:THEE MOTHS - Joke Project 09 (Uk)
09:MAN:SHA - 9991984 (France)
10:UIOR - 090909 (Russian Fed)

Running time: 45mn19

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