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I’m sorry,I don’t remember my comments. Comment by Seiei Jack on October 10, 2006


Since 1989 Here Be Monsters has been a multi-track international collaborative project at ZH27. Twenty-two releases are available including "Thousands Are Still Asleep" which you download a free mp3 of. Traipse
Minuit [es]Murmurists [uk]Seiei Jack [jp]NXP [no]Ronny Waernes [no]Bai Tain [cn]Wilson Tsang [hk]One Man Nation [sg]Zen Lu [cn]Mario Tiziano [it] FFROM ZHZHZHZHZH
Subject: 26 Creamy Porn Stars at the Cortex Power StationI've been sweating over this beast for quite some time now.The latest *Creamy Porn Stars* release is now available.For those who don't know already, this is my loop based projectmore often than not using collaborative sources from my friendsbut in this project NOBODY receives credit. Ever.And trust me, it's so sliced and diced only you will be aware of yourcontribution.So truly only you and I know you contributed to this releasePlease... enjoy and let me know what you think pal in the bluegrass state TJPdistribution THE SLEEPY SHOW DANCING IN THE TRAIN 2006

TJP Distribution: experimental, noise, electrinics, avandgard sound, visual arts planning label contact: P.O. Box 73 Tamagawa Tokio 1580082 JPN

Mesothelioma Information
Mesothelioma Information

Another Seiei Jack's video art " THE SECRET OF # 9(1988): This performing video was made
using wide broadcasting TV system and intends to put unusualness into the usual daily
program of broadcasting. #9 was a symbol of unusual intruder.
-from the catalogue by ARTPOOL ART RESEARCH CENTER( 1995 )

Seiei Jack's extraordinary collage"SUPER EGO"(1992-1994)within a darkened room
comes from the RRR gallery in Tokyo. Please note that this event makes use of strong
strobe lighting.
-from the Hackney Arts Fes catalogue( UK 1994 )

"JAPANOISE"(1987): a high speed melange of daily Tokyo life and trippycomputerized imagery evocative of both Buddhist icons and Giger-like distortions of the humanimage.-from Press-Release "NEW ARTISTS' VIDEOS FROM JAPAN" Michael Carter, Nov.88

Pig Destroyer

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